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MSc. Eng. in Arch. Agnieszka Hajdas-Obajtek

She graduated from a degree in Architecture and Urbanism at the Cracow University of Technology in 2002. Soon she passed the state examination entitling to design without restrictions.

In order to continue deepening the knowledge of design she took the postgraduate studies in the Interior Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, Poland in 2004; graduated with obtaining the diploma of the design architect. In 2004 she established the company – Arte Dizain.

Agnieszka Hajdas-Obajtek is a designer, who, due to earned own brand and style, is a successful designer and creator of the locations of specific character. Her passion is creating of unique architecture and interior design with amazing precision and attention to detail.

Arte Dizain and Arte Offices:

Arte Dizain Company has extensive experience in design of commercial buildings; it cooperates with proven companies and craftsmen.

Arte Office is a part of Arte Dizain specializing in design of commercial objects. We provide comprehensive support for enterprises: from project supervision to execution. We help finding premises, checking it for design opportunities, technical status and market value. We develop the concept of the plot development and the concept of the functional layout of the premises. We prepare photorealistic visualizations for development of the site.

We make the building permit design and interior design. We are a construction site leader within the project architect’s supervision or the investor’s supervision. In addition, we execute the investment within selection of contractors checked along with equipment compatible with the design.

Comprehensive design allows maintaining uniform style of equally high level in every stage of formation of the investment; the building, the interior and the environment. Due to the overall design, the designer deals with problems that can arise at a later stage and can help avoiding such problems.

We execute: building permit designs and execution designs, interior designs for; service buildings, public buildings, multi-family and single-family residential buildings and commercial buildings: offices, restaurants, hotels, interiors of ships and yachts. Furniture and details design.

Our Customers:



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Lasy Państwowe





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    • Help in finding a property
    • Consultation concerning choice of residential and non-residential building
    • Functional layout analysis
    • Analysis of possibilities of the plot development, Initial concept of development opportunities
    • Concepts based on thorough analysis of needs
    • Technical status assessment


    • Building permit designs and execution designs
    • Architectural, industrial designs
    • Single-family, multi-family residential buildings
    • service buildings


    • Comprehensive interior design
    • Conceptual designs
    • Executive designs
    • Furniture designs
    • Photorealistic visualizations


    • Valuation of a property
    • Financial plan based on the executed concept


    • Comprehensive investment execution
    • Selection of all executive companies
    • Coordination of the budget
    • Coordination of the deadlines


    • Project architects supervision
    • Investors supervision
    • Help in choosing the best executive companies
    • Purchases of materials